Thank you, God!

Sending my thanks to God in every minute! I have a wonderful chief at work, I have a God-sent handläggare at States insuracecompany of welfare (?). I really have what every citicen of Sweden and the world could ask for. I am sick, have been for more than a year, and still... they belive in me. Maybe it is crazy to think that the Swedish Welfare System is all good or bad, I have experienced both. I am Swedish, born and living in Sweden all my life, often very critical to "the Swedish Welfare System" wich have many lacks...and I have had the opportunity to see some other countrys welfare systems... better and worse than the Swedish... in dispite of all I have seen, in my personel case, I am so lucky, and so thankfull to God, that I have the wright persons in my nearest life. It is not OK to be dependent of good people around You, but still I am thankful hat I have them so close to me in my situation. So...

Thank you, God, in all Your glory, that You are so good to me.


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